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How well are our schools doing? 

Superintendent  posted the info below in

I have been watching the online criticism of the Friends of Hudson Public Schools (FoHPS) for the past week on other Facebook sites. The District, invested parents, and community business leaders are for the first time, making a proactive and out of the box attempt to strategically work with other community members, businesses, and foundations to address the needs of the schools.
If the community of Hudson wants to offer the highest level of services to our students we need to think and do something differently. The funding available from the State and Town are insufficient. The District has limited ability to raise revenue. This partnership with FoHPS may be one way to accomplish our goals. With limited resources of time, people, and money we cannot meet every need. We must be strategic and identify entry points. The entry point identified is free high quality full-day kindergarten. Not only will our children reap the educational benefits, but the District will also receive additional funding in the 2017-2018 school year that can be used as best benefits EVERY Hudson student.
People are questioning the timing of the two “press releases” in the MetroWest Daily news. These actually were articles initiated by calls from a reporter. I answered questions for the article regarding the budget deficit which was published after Town Meeting. At the end of the budget interview, the reporter asked who she could contact for more information on FoHPS. The District had no control of the timing in regards to publication.
I encourage you to get involved in budget discussions and reach out and ask what the District is doing to address your interests and concerns. I can assure you that we are not ignoring any grade level or issue facing our students. We are making difficult decisions every day.
On June 1st FoHPS will hold a meeting discussing their inception and by-laws at 6:00 PM. The District will immediately follow that with an update on the budget and any cuts that may need to be made, provided we have additional information from the State and Town, beginning at 6:30. I hope that people will take time to attend this event and hear information first hand and unfiltered through people’s biases and perceptions. We may not always agree but we should and will engage in respectful dialogue and walk away feeling heard and appreciated.
Yours in Education,

Hudson Special Education Parent Advisory Council  

The lack of full day kindergarten isn't fueling declining MCAS scores but lack of adequate teaching is.

And the lack of accountability at the local level. And the lack of a real curriculum other than in AP classes.
We are heading for disaster.

Reality is that the MCAS says it all. Our schools are a disaster.