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Statement of Purpose

a)   The H-SEPAC shall assist in advising the Hudson School district on matters that pertain to the education and safety of students with disabilities ages 3-21.

 b)   H-SEPAC Chairperson will meet regularly with school officials to participate in planning, development, and evaluation of the school district’s special education program.

c)    The Hudson SEPAC was established with the support of the Pupil Services Department in Hudson, Massachusetts School District as required by the Massachusetts special education law, Chapter 766 regulations, section 600.0. 

Mission Statement

Hudson’s special education advisory council’s mission is to work for the understanding, respect, and support of all children with special needs in Hudson and to provide a network in which parents/guardian/advocates of children with special needs have access to relevant information, training and support; and to encourage an atmosphere of effective open communication, understanding, and mutual respect among all students, parents, educators and the community-at-large about issues relevant to Hudson’s Special Education. We aim to build a successful relationship with School Administrators to foster the best possible educational atmospheres in which our children can develop to their full potential.


a)   To provide information and referrals to parents of children with special needs, to administration, staff and other interested parties. (e.g. SEPAC Resource Guide, Video/ Resource Library, etc.) 

b)   To provide workshops, speaker series, forums, meetings and activities to educate and train parents/guardians/advocates of children with specials needs, to administration, staff and other interested parties in areas such as, but not limited to: special education programs and services, inclusion, advocacy, learning and/or physically disabled, behaviorally challenged, Massachusetts special education laws, etc.

c)    To work with school officials, Hudson School Committee, and/or Hudson Special Education subcommittee to establish procedures related to planning, development and evaluation of special education in the school district and to participate in the Special Education Budget and Three-Year Plan processed) To establish a network among parents and to provide outreach and support to members of our community.

d)   To collaborate with parent-teacher groups, school councils and other school organizations towards the betterment of education in the Hudson School District.