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Helpful regulations from PQA complaints against Hudson Public Schools  11/24/2013

Letter from Parent to School Requesting Child's Educational Records

Reference Regulations

Organizing Your Concerns about School-Related Problems

Some mistakes independent evaluators should try to avoid

 Functional Behavior Assessment

OCR finds that ESY needs to be determined individually

OCR COMPLAINT    special ed kids are sent home from school early - 30 minutes to an hour earlier than regular ed' students.

 How to Use a "Parent IEP Attachment"

Current American Board of School Neuropsychology Diplomates

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 Decisions and Articles

NeYork child required 1:1 instruction and parents privately placed.

New York child required 1:1 instruction and parents privately placed. The District refused to fund and said that the placement wasn't the LRE. The Court relied on testimony from a psychologist that the child couldn't attend and that typical peers would be distracting and held for parents. Don't let Districts use the LRE to deny necessary services. M.H. v. New York Dep't of Educ., 54 IDELR 221 (S.D.N.Y. 2010).


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