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Today 1/22/2015 I got a phone call from a parent complaining due to the fact that the PAC joined https://www.facebook.com/HudsonMass who lists lots of things that go on in town.
Things that are never ever in the paper. Although I understand and respect their decision not to like the site that does not give them or anyone the right to call anyone or SLANDER anyone on Facebook due to their experiences or dislikes. If someone does not like something that they see or hear they do not have to deal with it. We all have lots of things we do not agree with and I do not agree with everything I read but that does not mean that I will be attaching the writers or persons as it is my choice to read or not to read. Their opinions does not change or force me to do any different and I certainly will not be coerced into disliking a page or pages just because someone does not like it.
With that being said the PAC is still here to help anyone and everyone and for more information visit our website at www.hudsonsepac.com.

We may not like other peoples likes or dislikes but let's respect them and keep them to ourselves. 

See number 54 on attachment 1 for Hudson Public Schools; Superintendent and Pupil Services Director

“last resort” use of physical restraint and increased data collection and some review. Opposes removal of restraint from IEPs, new definitions of time-out and er seclusion and the 30 minute limit on time-out. Proposes retention of current definitions or change to Civil Rights Data Center (CRDC) definition with a requirement to collect time-out data exceeding 30 minutes. Also likes CRDC’s definition of Mechanical Restraint. (see detail) Believes there should be carve out for “repetitive assault” as well as the currently proposed “self injury” and asks for define of “repetititive” with respect to plans addressing such behaviors. Recommends additional language on “role of student family and staff in prevention…,” questions 8 hour
refresher training, and, for notice to parents of restraints, recommends language similar to that required for disciplinary actions under state discipline law and regulations (allowing email). Thinks review requirements may need work.

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The Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary EducationFinal Regulations on Physical Restraint, 603 CMR 46.00 and 603 CMR 18.00 

H-SEPAC had the CPR review this morning at HHS with Suzanne Shaw from the DESE. Stay tune for a list of information that will be sent to DESE. 12/16/2014

H-SEPAC Files Breach Of Confidentiality complaint.  UPDATED 12/9/2014

What a great brother


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