Welcome To Hudson's Special Education Parent Advisory Council

Welcome To  Hudson's Special Education  Parent  Advisory  Council

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Dear parents of children on IEP's  that have been qualified for ESY services. 

We have received several calls regarding the  SUNSHINE & ADVENTURE PROGRAMS and charges. When checked people are being told that there is a fee. 


You do not have to pay if your child is on an IEP and has been recommended for the ESY Services. Should you have any questions please reach out to us. 


Welcome to the Hudson's Special Education Parent Advisory Council, your NO COST option option to networking with other parents and staying informed about issues that matter to you!

The H-SEPAC is run by parent's of Special Education Students. We are here to help any parent that needs our assistance. 
H-SEPAC brings different workshops to help parents. 

All of our workshops are FREE and open to the PUBLIC!
Help us make a difference in our community and JOIN US!